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Finding What's Right For You

Counselling in General:
The aim of counselling is to improve your wellbeing.
This can be in many different ways, for example :

  • Having someone listen to and acknowledge your experiences and feelings may make them more understandable and so less distressing.
  • Talking together may provide clarity, helping you to gain perspective and insight.
  • Expressing and reflecting on painful events or emotions can provide a sense of relief and help to come to terms with them.
  • Regular weekly sessions with frequent reviews may help to give a sense of purpose and achievement.
  • Reducing stress can help you to see things more clearly and make more confident decisions.
  • Reducing anxiety can allow space in your mind for more pleasant and positive thoughts.
  • Reducing symptoms of depression may lighten your mood and allow you to enjoy life more.
    It is widely accepted that improvements in your emotional wellbeing are linked to improvements in your physical health.

    Face-to-Face Counselling:
    Face-to-face counselling will give you a secure base and a supportive relationship, from which to view your situation.
    We will develop a relationship of trust and honesty - I will listen and reflect with empathy, to gain an understanding of what it's like to be you.
    Meeting face-to-face gives us the chance to communicate by expression, posture and body language, which can add to that understanding.

    Skype Counselling:
    It can take a little longer to establish a close connection through the screen, so I usually suggest meeting face-to-face just for the first session.
    You will need to find a space with a reliable internet connection, where you won't be overheard or interrupted.
    Skype may be a good option if regular travelling would be difficult for you, or if you have a very busy lifestyle

    Telephone Counselling:
    This may be a good choice if regular travelling would be difficult for you, or it may appeal to you if you have particular concerns about confidentiality and remaining anonymous. We have no preconceptions about each other, and we can talk over a long distance as if we are in the same room.
    It's important to find a time and place where you will not be overheard or interrupted.
    It is a different experience, to work with the voice only, but it can be very successful.

    Have a think about what will be right for you, and trust your instinct!
    For questions and answers about what happens next, please see the FAQ page.

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